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We need to reach our goal by February 2018!

The Laurence H. Dorcy Hawaiian Foundation is matching all funds raised up to $100,000 so we can purchase a Mobile Spay Neuter Clinic.

The two biggest obstacles we have seen preventing owners from spaying or neutering their pets are cost and transportation. When they are unable to afford it, they simply do not spay and neuter, which in turn creates a large number of unwanted litters. These litters are then given away, sold or dropped off at our over-run shelters. We want to eliminate all excuses by using a mobile spay neuter clinic as a way of bringing the services to areas of need.

An additional way of utilizing the mobile clinic, when not in use for spay or neuter, would be for mobile adoptions and as an educational & fundraising tool. Essentially, it would act as a shelter on wheels, helping animals get placed in our community. Through spay neuter, adoptions and educating the public we'll ultimately be able to help end pet overpopulation and save more lives!

With every $10,000 donation, your name and/or logo will be placed on the Mobile Spay Neuter Clinic for 3 months!

All money raised over our goal will go towards providing free spay and neuter services through our Mobile Spay Neuter Clinic.

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