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Your Generosity Creates a Legacy

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Imagine a time when all of our animal friends find a warm, safe, and loving home. The Hawaii Island Humane Society is dreaming of a new home where every animal that stays at our proposed new, state-of-the-art Animal Community Center is one step away from his or her loving family. And...while they are waiting, can enjoy a peaceful, comfortable loving temporary home away from home.

Imagine a place where young children can participate in healthy, outdoor activities after school in a safe, nurturing environment.

Imagine a place where at-risk youth can learn how to trainer shelter dogs using positive rewards instead of punishment. The animal enjoys a lively and caring companion, while the youth enjoys an affectionate relationships and learns about responsibility, care, empathy, and reciprocity.

Imagine a place that provide opportunities for our kupuna to interact with animals... a serene place that improves the quality of life for seniors who, as a group, commonly experience loneliness, depression, and loss of mobility.

Your Gift can help make this dream a Reality.